Core Securities Limited


Securities Service Provider

Core Securities Limited

Core Securities Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Core Trust & Investment Limited. The company is licensed by Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and is a member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“NSE”).  Core Securities provide efficient and innovative services in Capital market operations:

Equity Trading

We provide efficient and innovative services for our clients to buy and sell all financial securities traded at the floor of Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Share Registration

We provide process-driven approach to effectively manage share certificates and keep our clients updated on the process.

Accounts Consolidation

We provide innovative solutions that assist our clients to consolidate their CSCS accounts with the Central Securities Clearing System.

Probate and Transmission

We assist deceased beneficiaries to meet their investment aspirations through Estate account administration.

Processing of Outstanding Dividends

We interfaces with the Registrars to assist our clients resolve issues relating to unclaimed dividends and dividends revalidation.

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